USB Interface for PTS Synthesizers

PTS synthesizers are renowned for their quality and low phase noise. With the USB PTS Synthesizer Interface users of these synthesizers can now control them from their PC using the convenient USB connection.  In addition, the USB Interface also turns your PTS into a step/sweep frequency generator.


"I'm a real fan of the PTS synthesizers. It's a very clever design, and extremely built. This project came about after I had acquired several of these units none of which had front panel controls.  I made a few interfaces available at a VHF/UHF Regional conference several years ago and the interst grew. If you have any PTS stories,  projects, or links you'd like to share, please post to the Comments at the bottom of the page.


Be careful when purchasing these units on the surplus market.  Many of the units were custom orders and the modules inside vary widely.  Even with the full PTS model  number it can be hard to tell what you'll get.  (See Reading PTS model numbers on Downloads page.)  I have a fair selection of PTS manuals and circuit diagrams if you need something, feel free to contact to me.  Copyright restrictions prohibit me from posting them on the website.  -W8BL"





USB PTS interface instructions
USB PTS Synthesizer Interface.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [64.0 KB]
USB PTS V1_12 Interface for Windows
PC ide code for PTS interface.
PTS V1_12.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.5 MB]
USB PTS interface software for Windows
PC side code for the W8BL PTS Interface. Interface must be connected.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [6.8 MB]
Screen shot of virtual PTS interace
USB PTS interface
USB PTS interface board
Centronics 50 pin connector
USB PTS Interface board
49.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

USB PTS interface for your PTS synthesizer with 50 pin Centronics connector. For PTS Models 160 - 1000. Assembled, tested and ready to plug into your PTS syntheizer. Includes interface board, PC software for all Windows operating systems,10' USB cable. Shipping is free in the US.

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